Uses of Granites & Quartz in Homes

Uses of Granites & Quartz in Homes are such versatile building materials when it comes to home construction. They can be used in several ways to provide structure, and durability and also enhance the interiors with unique designs. With hundreds of designs and colors available the possibilities are endless. Here are some common uses of Granites and Quartz in homes

Kitchen countertops

This is the most common use for Granite in homes. With the concept of the open kitchen being quite popular these days, kitchen interiors play a vital role in home design. The Granite you choose for your countertop is the foundation for the color palette you choose for your kitchen. It is also very important to choose a Granite of good quality since these fixtures are permanent in your home.

1. Flooring

Both Quartz and granite are excellent choices when it comes to flooring as both are durable building materials. Quartz flooring is usually preferred for indoors, while Granite is primarily used in combination with other stones, or by itself for outdoor balconies or parking lots.

There are various textures of Granite available, the leather finish, and rough finish Granite is used for flooring purposes

Quartz is also available in various colors, which can be used in combination with other colors Quartz to form patterns on the flooring, adding great design value to your home.

2. Walls

This isn’t as common as flooring and kitchen countertops, but Granite can be used as wall paneling, or pillar paneling to add more character to your living space. you can also add a statement wall to your drawing or living room. Another practical advantage, it is easier to clean the dust off of Granite. The most popular choices for Granite walls are black and emerald-green shades.

3. Countertop for shoe storage

In Indian households, the most common installation we come across is an outdoor shoe storage unit made with wood. The countertop of this unit collects a lot of dust, and it’s quite difficult to maintain a wooden top while cleaning it with a damp cloth. Hence, installing a Granite top on this unit, makes it easier to maintain, and easier to clean. .

Decorative statement pieces

Quartz is the most common material used for this. White Quartz is quite popular for puja room installations, water fountains, and any outdoor garden statues, sculptures, and décor pieces.

In addition to these, Indian handicrafts have a wide range of stone carving artwork that can be used as wall décor in the interiors too.

Your home is where you spend most of your time. It’s a representation of your family, and a reflection of your ideas and taste, It is essential to choose high-quality, everlasting, alluring building materials. For more product information and design ideas please contact us contact