Thunder white granite for home ideas

Thunder white granite for home ideas features small, intense crimson areas with white, cream, and grey veining. For those seeking a “marble” beauty with granite durability, Thunder White is a popular option, which is mined in India. Thunder White complements striking cabinet choices like solid navy blue or deep dark oak beautifully. Deep red additions will enhance the stone’s stunning reflections. Depending on the tile, the patterns can be straight or strip-shaped with different movement options to match different task needs.

Thunder White Granite is extremely durable, thus when exposed to high temperatures, its surface will not blister or melt. It has a Mohs hardness rating of seven out of 10 and does not scratch or attack on a daily basis. Granite is great for a multitude of uses throughout the home due to its durability to water, heat, wear, and scratching.

The many benefits of natural stone
There are many benefits to using natural stone in construction and landscaping projects. Natural stone is extremely durable and long-lasting, making it an ideal material for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, natural stone is a beautiful material that can add elegance and value to any home or business.

Thunder White granite for home ideas is an excellent choice for kitchen counters because it can survive all of the activities in a kitchen, like ambient burner heat, spills, and basic cleaning from the kitchen, sewer, acidic fluids, and knife nicks. Maintaining a polished surface is a straightforward process that requires only a soft cloth and a few specially prepared natural stone products. Polished stone can also go between seals more frequently, up like once a year. Thunder White’s glossy gloss reflects light and enhances any space.

Check out these salient features of Thunder White Granite:

• Highlight a smoother and even surface texture

• Ideal for both residential and commercial applications

• Doesn’t lose its color on continuous exposure to other elements

• A perfect choice for vanities, backsplashes, tiles, fireplaces, paving, and monument. Boasting a close white hue, Thunder White Granite stone has an inspiring color texture that is sure to create that magic. The most interesting part of this granite is that it can complement almost every décor setting – residential, commercial, formal, casual, contemporary, countryside, rustic, and others.



An ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor architectural applications, Thunder White is a widely exported granite stone from India. Its amazing visual appeal makes it a perfect granite choice in countries like the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, and UAE. Moreover, the easy availability of granite blocks, slabs, tiles, and custom-sized products makes India a hot choice among granite importers worldwide.