The Key Difference between Engineered and Natural stone

source of a stone is the fundamental key difference between a Natural stone and an Engineered stone. Natural stone countertops include granite, marble, limestone, and travertine are produced from rock slabs that are mined from the underground quarries. Molten rock and other minerals that have accumulated through time are combined to create natural stone, giving it its distinctive hues, patterns, and textures. The most predominant mineral class is feldspar, which, combined with quartz, forms the bulk of most granite along with colorful minerals like garnet, topaz, and tourmaline. The location of the quarries affects the color of natural stone. Contrarily, Engineered stone countertops, like those made of quartz, are manufactured from a combination of natural and artificial components. Engineered stone is mostly constructed of natural stone, but in order to replicate the appearance of natural slabs, it is manufactured by mixing ground stone crystals with resin and colors.

Main Difference in the durability and strength:

key difference between Natural stone and engineered stone counters are the greatest solutions currently on the market in terms of strength and longevity. The only negligible distinction is that overall, items manufactured of engineered stone tend to be tougher and heavier. But in terms of durability, neither one has a clear advantage over the other. he two kinds of stones require regular maintenance to keep them in the same state as when they were new, which is something they have in common. Be careful what you use to clean your stone worktops, both natural and engineered, as there are some common home cleansers that can harm the stone surface by destroying its seal.


You can choose a slab of natural stone that is absolutely unique and has its own hues, patterns, defects, and inconsistencies. Selecting a piece of art is a lot like choosing your own natural stone slab from the slab yard. In this instance, you are picking a piece of nature’s artwork to serve as the focal point of your kitchen or bathroom. You can choose the exact engineered stone you desire from a catalog or from sample pieces when making your selection. Usually, there will be a small variation between the completed stone that was made according to your specifications and the sample. Because it has been specifically created to have this uniform appearance, comparable to natural stone, without its distinctive patterns and flaws, engineered stone has a far better consistency in both pattern and color.