Natural and engineered stones in home interiors are the perfect choice for home interiors, adding a touch of luxury to any space. Whether you’re looking to create a natural feel or an industrial chic look, natural and engineered stones can help elevate your interior design. From granite countertops in the kitchen to marble flooring in the living room, natural and engineered stones in home interiors come in a variety of colors and sizes that will add warmth and texture to your home.Here are 9 ways you can incorporate natural and engineered stones in home interiors

1. Kitchen Countertops

Natural stone countertops such as granite or quartzite provide durability while adding beauty to any kitchen design.

2. Bathroom Vanities

Marble is an ideal choice for bathroom vanities due to its water resistant properties; it also adds elegance with its unique patterns and colors

3. Flooring

Natural stone flooring such as slate or limestone adds texture underfoot while providing a timeless look for both contemporary or traditional homes alike.

4. Wall Cladding

Create drama with wall cladding made from natural stone like travertine which comes in various shades from light beige through warm browns all the way up darker tones of grayish blues & purples

5. Fireplaces

Natural stone fireplaces are popular for their natural heat-resistance and durability, allowing you to enjoy a warm fire without worry

6. Garden Paths

Use natural stones like basalt or sandstone for creating paths in your garden; they can be laid in intricate designs that will add interest to your garden.

7. Swimming Pools

Natural stone is ideal for pool surrounds, blending in perfectly with natural landscapes and lending a touch of opulence to any swimming area

8. Facades & Feature Walls

Whether natural or engineered stones, walls can be clad with stones like quartzite or travertine which add natural beauty and texture to any home

9. Staircases

Add an extra touch of elegance with natural stone staircases; you can opt for natural stone steps or clad the risers with engineered materials such as quartz or marble for a modern take on traditional design

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