Indian granite colours top ten best granites from vsb surfaces

Since the 1980s, granite has been the material of choice for countertops in both bathrooms and kitchens. In the next decades, granite has played a significant role in global manufacturing and export operations. In terms of durability, this natural stone is far superior to marble. Both the likelihood of stains and its low porosity are significantly reduced. Granite is quite simple to maintain and clean. As a result, it is the best option available.

In India, there are at least 14,000 different colors and variations of granite from which to choose. Depending on your attitude and vibe, you can choose any style! Here are the Indian granite colours top ten plustypes , which will go with every decor and interior

  1. Viscont White : Naturally wild and white, this color is also one of the toughest granites available With this granite, you find luxury in white for your spaces.
  2. Black Pearl : It’s so perfect that it’s hard to believe this color is natural. A granite stone that’s too good to be true.
  3. Steel Grey : Naturally tough and beautifully grey is what this granite is. Tough and beautiful greys to place it anywhere in your spaces.
  4. Black Galaxy : Black Galaxy looks like nature trapped the cosmos in stone. This is a nostalgic brilliance of the cosmos, that can add a special effect wherever placed in your home..
  5. Vizag Blue: When did you come across a beautiful blue granite like this lasttime? Astounding Impressions that are unforgettable can add true luxury to your homes
  6. Supra White : Rare but naturally white granite this granite is a must try. Get the best of Rare to make your home look one of its kind.
  7. Tan Brown : Tough Brown should be its name. Eternal Brilliance in your spaces with this tough granite that comes with one of its extremely sturdy qualities and also adds amazing aesthetics.
  8. Coffee Brown : A rich dark granite with flowery background for your kitchens. The welcoming appeal of Earthy colors is what you get with Coffee Brown granite.
  9. Iced White : This low maintenance white quartz would last a few generations. Iced White Granite suits every build it is placed in.
  10. Carrara Grey : A beautiful grey Carrara with a rich white background. This granite gathers endless grace of Nature in every corner of your homes