Granite vs Quartz : is one better than the other ?

Granite vs Quartz is one better than the otherTo understand if Granite is better or Quartz, we need to first understand the functionalities and qualities of each of the stones. So, read through to understand the qualities of both Granites and Quartz in every aspect

1. In Terms of Appearance:

Quartz being a man-made product, is found in various colors – light and dark that can compliment any space. When it comes to Granite, as it is all naturally found, we get what we see. Each piece has a different veining, and is beautiful in its own way.

2. Maintenance:

For all practical purposes, Quartz is extremely low maintenance. It has a repelling moisture and dirt property and also resists any stain damages. As it is very hard, there is hardly any chipping off the stone. Normal cleaning works for Quartz.
On the other hand, Granite is also a low-maintenance stone. Wiping off with mild soap and water is usually what people use for cleaning.

3. Lifespan:

Quartz manufacturers give a warranty for a duration of 10 years to lifetime. This only proves the excellent quality confidence they sellers have. Granite is also on the similar lines, but it is believed that it lasts for millions and billions of years in its natural form, however once it’s put to use in spaces, it may run out of practical usability. But its more likely to last longer than Quartz.

4. Cost:

When the cost of Quartz is compared to Granite, we can observe that Granites are more expensive and fall under the ‘high-end luxury items’ price. However, the prices might vary based on what you’d choose from. Many factors affect the costs depending on the shipping charges, the demand and even the political environments.

5. Installation

Both of these materials require proficient establishment for everything except the littlest and least difficult works. Quartz and Granites are heavy and cumbersome to work with. They require systematic and exact cuts that can’t be accomplished without unique hardware. Thorough preparation is expected to make undetectable lines assuming that different areas should be seamed together on location.

6. Water and Heat effects on the stones:

Though Quartz has a property that doesn’t allow water content to seep in, it can get affected by high heat. Make sure to use hot pads while placing anything hot. Granites can withstand any amount of heat that is placed on it. However, it is advised to use hot pads for both Granites and Quartz.


For those who demand only the highest standards and desire using nothing but a purely natural product, are willing to pay the cost and don’t mind a tiny amount of maintenance, granite is clearly victorious. For everyone else with a budget that affords high-end countertops, Quartz takes the top spot.