Pro’s & con’s of granite flooring in kitchen

Pro’s & con’s of granite flooring in kitchen If you are someone that’s been looking to upgrade your current spaces, especially flooring to a granite one, then here’s what you should know! This guide is going to help you understand the pros and cons you’ll have with a granite flooring in your kitchen.

To start off with, Granite has always been the popular choice among the most gorgeous materials for a home. Its strong and long-lasting properties makes it most desirable for home-owners. Granite is a perfect choice if you want something that is both attractive and durable, as well as an investment in your home and property.

The many benefits of natural stone
There are many benefits to using natural stone in construction and landscaping projects. Natural stone is extremely durable and long-lasting, making it an ideal material for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, natural stone is a beautiful material that can add elegance and value to any home or business.

Here are the advantages of using Granite for flooring:

1. Granite is highly durable:

Choosing Granite for your spaces is an excellent choice because of its durable quality. This is one of the most common reasons as to why people go for the option. Granite tiles have been shown to outlast tiles made of more common materials. It is a good choice for your house or office if you want something that will last.

2. Granite is Moisture Resistance:

Granite tiles are an excellent choice for wet areas, and people frequently choose tile for their homes’ damp regions. You won’t have to worry about moisture harming your floors if you are using granite tiles. It also produces an almost impenetrable barrier to any liquids.

3. Granite Requires Low Maintenance:

It’s very easy to maintain the appearance of your granite floor because you just need to sweep and mop it with normal soap and water. It does not require any different treatments to keep it clean.

1. Difficult to install:

Granites are a little difficult to install in spaces due to the heavyweight they come with. Bigger sized granite tiles are generally tough, but it always requires a team to fix it, with utmost caution. The tiles may sometimes crack as a result of an uneven floor. Because of the weight of the stone, carefully laying the tiles requires skill.

2. Expensive Flooring:

Because granite flooring is both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting, it is expensive. Premium quality granites cost a little more than the normal prices, at most times not affordable.

3. Slippery:

A high-gloss finish on granite flooring creates a slick surface that can cause harm from slips and falls, particularly for children and older people. Much care has to be taken when you install a granite flooring.


All in all, Granite is a great choice if you are planning on installing it in your spaces, and is worth every penny!